What makes your heart race?

seeing Ella run wild, singing while driving, dance parties, climbing mountains, my nephew, new plants, learning, cooking, and friends.

favourite sounds include: birds singing, rain falling, waves crashing and keyboard keys typing. i love water and i especially love the ocean. my affinity for movement is decades old, but ever-changing. and i find it so satisfying when words are strung together perfectly. there are books on my bedside table, more on my coffee table, and more still in my backpack; (currently somewhat underway are: Unsheltered, A Story Like the Wind, The Fourth Trimester, and Light Light). i start every morning with a cup of tea (although until recently coffee was the only thing that got me out of bed). my favourite meal is always Christmas dinner because: stuffing! and because of how much love goes into preparing it. 

if i were to live in the woods for a year, i wouldn’t go without my dog, a journal, fire wood, matches, a good knife, my water bottle, warm blankets, and probably much more; my preference would be to be on a sunny island, and if that was so, i’d be sure to pack multiple bathing suits too. i believe in something much greater than me, and i feel this force the most when i’m in nature. i believe in teachers. many of them. i also believe our heart knows best. my favourite words at the moment are compassion and patience and i repeat them to myself often. i like my mornings quiet & slow… tea, my journal, meditation or breath work, and a walk with Ella - through the park when possible. 

i believe that nature is the best medicine, that growth is uncomfortable but inevitable, that our reality is constantly changing and that there is no such thing as balance (we just accept that things aren’t always evenly distributed and keep moving towards what feels more steady, pressing pause when we need to most.) This is me, today. Who are you, really?