When I show up to teach, I orchestrate an expansive and resonant space—where imagination can stretch and bodies feel enriched.

I weave thoughtful sequences with carefully curated playlists. I’m here because I want to participate in creating beauty, because movement delights and stirs what is stagnant; because connecting is a portal to joyful self-awareness.

I write many morning and read most evenings. I move my body often, sit in stillness daily, and eat foods that nourish me. I’ve got a green thumb, an average of 3 books on the go, and a deep love for mother earth and her oceans. (I also speak fluent French.)

I teach public (and private) yoga classes, support labouring people as they birth new babes into the world (I’m a DONA trained doula as well as a certified pre-natal yoga instructor), and host retreats in many of my favourite (and the most vibrant) corners of the planet.

Everything I know how to be is shaped by my background in movement.

I spent a decade dancing professionally while travelling the world, and writing for various arts organizations. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with honours) in Dance from Ryerson University and spent many years “curating an experience for people” while working in the service industry.

When I’m not practicing or tending my garden, I’m wandering through High Park with my sweet girl Ella, or planning my next trip to the elemental spaciousness of Costa Rica.

First we catch the rhythm—and then we get to the good stuff.

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My journey through yoga teacher trainings looked something like this... My first 200hr interdisciplinary yoga teacher training was with Don & Amba Stapleton of the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Following that, I did 100hrs of Experiential Yoga Anatomy with Sarah Tacy-Tangredi. After a few years of teaching full time, I attended Kula Yoga Project’s Vinyasa finishing school, to learn from Schuyler Grant, Alex Auder & Jillian Turecki. J-P Tamblyn-Sabo has been a wonderful friend and teacher of mine here in Toronto, as have Samantha Booker and Kenny Pearl. Rod Stryker continues to inspire my approach to the energetics of asana practice, and Frey Faust was the teacher who challenged everything I had ever thought to be true before I studied Axis Syllabus. My pre-natal yoga teacher training was hosted at Toronto Yoga Mamas and led by Sara Longacre and Stacy Seebart of Blooma, and I’m also a DONA trained Birth Doula. This summer, I look forward to completing my Yin training with the incomparable Tracey Soghrati; and then we’ll see where the wind blows me next : )