Bite-Sized Rituals

When feeling JOYFUL - accompany your java with a side of motown or some latin beats; blend up something green to help you stay grounded; go for a run or a walk; treat a friend or stranger to something yummy or beautiful; smile warmly and say good morning to all.

If you feel ANXIOUS - sit to sip and list out your “to do’s” for the day (make a plan!); prop up your spine somewhere for a song you love (just one!) and lengthen your exhales; take some cat/cow and maybe a forward fold too; make a vegetable scramble; carry a stone with you; burn some sacred wood and sigh.

How to help with feeling SAD - make tea; have a long shower and choose a song (or six) that make you weep; prepare a plate of dates, nuts, fruit and chocolate, and take out your art supplies; set up your space so it feels sacred and special; breathe and if need be pause; place your hands on your heart, and listen.

When you feel LETHARGIC - give yourself a mini facial and put on some lipstick or your favourite hat; find the sunshine; enjoy a smoothie that has cacao, cinnamon and cayenne pepper in it; wear your favourite pieces of clothing and choose a playlist you can sing along to; roll out your neck, circle your shoulders, spin on the spot, or sway to the beat; then get on with your day. OR! do none of the above, and take a nap instead.

If you’re feeling INSPIRED - savour the mug of your chosen morning beverage and map out the musings in your mind; take a walk with your pup (or offer to walk your friend’s!); set your space and dive in; set a timer for every 45 minutes to pause and shake out your bod; have snacks ready; bask in the satisfaction of getting. shit. done.