W e l c o m e

When I first discovered the practice of Yoga, it was a way for me to cross train my body. I was actively living my life as a dancer and interpreted Yoga as a way to stay active and in shape, but not as a mindful practice or lifestyle.

The desire to slow down my Yoga practice did not present itself for almost two years, but when it did, the need to listen deeply challenged everything I had identified with up until that point. I felt conflicted. My truth was changing and although it was messy, there was no doubt that I had to attend to the words my heart was whispering. Once I discerned that my previous dance life’s work could inform my work as a yogi, the transition from dancer to yoga instructor happened fluidly.

In a world filled with more social media than human interaction, ailments such as chronic fear, anxiety, pressure, corruption, combined with too many ways to numb ourselves to it all, helping people connect to their body, expand their consciousness, and holding space for them to listen, is the best way I can imagine being of service. Assisting individuals celebrate strength and freedom in their body, with the comfort of connecting to a community, feels like the most authentic and worthy way of giving back.

I continue to learn what it means to truly listen, what the benefits are of thinking positively, and how setting goals implements the changes I would otherwise only dream of. I choose to love. I choose to appreciate every moment. I choose the positive thought. I promise to connect to the people in my community and nurture the relationships in my life; to get active every day for the simple joy of movement; to take notice of the beauty that surrounds me and exercise the muscle of awareness to tune-in to the movement within me; to remain curious and continue to learn; and finally, to share my love for movement and yoga.

I offer group, private and corporate classes, as well as workshops and retreats. The interdisciplinary Vinyasa style that I teach is defined by thoughtful sequences that consider both the physical and energetic properties of the practice. The presence required to carry you through a challenging Yoga class that is well suited to you, will put you at a greater disposition to care for yourself and others in your life. The possibilities are truly transformational. Join me on this journey.