From The Inside - A Yin Yoga Series

Sundays Oct. 20th, Nov. 24th, and Dec. 15th, from 4:30 - 6pm  at “The Attic” 318 Queen St West

Yin yoga is an essential antidote to the “full-on” pace of life we abide by, and a beautiful compliment to dynamic movement and strength practices. 

Yin - the feminine, the nurturer, the night - is a means of recalibrating our nervous system and of grounding our physical bodies. Yin postures are anchored on the floor and held for 2 - 5 minutes. This allows us to yield to the body’s needs and move consciously through her interior landscape.

In this monthly series, each offering will provide a unique lens for entering yin practice. We’ll begin in October, exploring the anatomical body and listening to  messages of physical sensation. In November, we’ll elicit the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian theory to discover the imprint of mental & emotional patterning. In December, we’ll attune through the chakra system, in order to observe the energetic layers of our subtler bodies.

So much of our existence requires us to show up outwardly. We learn to observe and define ourselves in a similar way - from the outside. The practice of yin invites us to know ourselves from the inside. 

Ready yourself to go deep.

Suitable for all levels of practitioners. 15$ cash drop in, or pre-register here via Mind Body Online.

*Dress in warm comfy layers to allow for the cooling nature of the practice.  **Please bring a blanket, and bolster if you have one. Mats and blocks are available.