deeper learning

Beyond the studios we're a part of and the communities we create amongst them, there are opportunities for us to dive deeper;  to nurture our learning in natural environments - where our focus is enhanced and our senses heightened - by the timeless beauty of our surroundings.


Meet me in Montreal

February 15th -17th, 2019; at Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust

Drop In Class Schedule here…

Workshop (02/16, 1-3pm) Adapting a Vinyasa Practice for Pregnancy

This workshop is uniquely appropriate for students AND teachers, and having both present will allow us to learn from each other. After reviewing the common modifications we’ll add an abundance of variations that go beyond the basics, in order to support people desiring an active practice throughout their pregnancy.


Retreat Yo'Self 2019

On retreat we have the opportunity to reconnect, to gather socially, and to share; but beyond the collective experiences, are the sacred moments of solitude. Set in the coastal town of Nosara, Costa Rica, at the stunning Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, this week long retreat is meant to inspire your practice and leave plenty of time for play. 


Summer Fun

I anticipate these summer weekends well in advance and with great reason.

The Muskoka Yoga Festival is 2 days of lake living and park playing at its finest. Happening from July 19th - 21st, 2019 at Limberlost Forest + Wildlife Reserve in Huntsville. Early bird tickets are available here.

The Yoga Weekend is what late summer day dreams are made of. Registration is open for 4 days of adult summer camp from September 12th - 15th, 2019 at Camp Walden in Bancroft. Gather your party and discover the wonder of a weekend away this summer.