“A schedule defends from chaos and whim. A net for catching days.” 
― Annie Dillard

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1-2p Warm Flow Union Yoga + Wellness

4-5p Level 2   Ahimsa Yoga

5:30-7p Vinyasa Ahimsa Yoga


9:30-10:45a Flow 1 Breathe Yoga Studio

5:30-6:45p Vinyasa  Be Hot Yoga Toronto

7-8p Vinyasa  Be Hot Yoga Toronto


10-11:30a Vinyasa 2 Ahimsa Yoga 



2-3p Warm Flow Union Yoga + Wellness

5-6:15p Flow 2 Breathe Yoga Studio


8:30-10a Flow 2 Breathe Yoga Studio 


I teach public vinyasa and pre-natal yoga classes in Toronto. Practices are breath-filled, strong and support deliberate stillness. They are defined by carefully considered and artful sequences, and intend to challenge, support, as well as embrace our evolving needs on any given day.

Privately, I work with a very limited number of people. Sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and explore a variety of movement including yoga, as well as meditation and mindfulness practices.