What Makes Your Heart Race?

my boyfriend, singing in the car, dance parties, climbing mountains, cats, my garden, learning, cooking and friends of mine from around the world.

favourite sounds include: birds singing, rain falling, waves crashing and keyboard keys typing. i love water and especially the ocean... it reminds me of 6 blissful weeks on the pacific coast in costa rica. i don’t tell many people, but i was bullied when i was younger ... it still feels embarrassing. i love how it feels to move ...eyes closed or eyes open. there are books on my bedside table, magazines on my coffee table (as well as in my backpack), and articles bookmarked to read on my computer ... Currently (somewhat) underway are: Eastern Body Western Mind, Fahrenheit 451, Sweetness in the Belly, and months worth of Yoga Journal, The Dance Current and Sweat Equity. i mostly prefer tea but now and then a soy latte can taste and feel like magic. my favourite meal is always Christmas dinner because of how much love goes into preparing it and how many people can share it together. i’m much better at chewing now than i used to be, but sometimes i inhale things too fast (like chocolate).

if i were to live in the woods for a year i’d bring a mosquito net, a hammock, my yoga mat and journal, a good knife, my water bottle, matches, a tarp and probably lots more... if i were on an island, i’d be sure to pack a bathing suit as well. i’ve always wanted a tattoo, but have never known what i’d like to get so i figure i’ll keep holding out until it becomes very clear. i believe in a force bigger than me and call it energy or the universe... and i feel this force the most when i’m in nature. i believe in teachers. many of them. i also believe our heart knows best. my favourite words at the moment are faith and patience and i repeat them to myself constantly. that being said, i spend more time than i should trying to organize my thoughts (and my life). when i can indulge, I like my mornings slow... but usually there’s somewhere to be and people to see, so i sit with my honey and we sip and eat together, then i run out the door (usually 8 minutes later than i should have). 

i believe in evolution, and that happiness is a choice; that our reality is constantly changing and that there is no such thing as balance (we just accept that things aren’t always evenly distributed and keep moving towards what feels more steady; trusting that eventually things will shift.)  #‎letthewildout #‎whoareyoureally