The Yoga Heroes Series

Andréa Raymond, a fellow bilingual, born and raised in Ottawa and a wonderful colleague of mine at Breathe Yoga Studio; has a blog called Bookish Yoga Girl. 

Andréa is a yogini and teacher who lives and writes in Toronto.

She regularly shares her thoughts and experience on yoga, books, travel, food and teaching; and recently began the Yoga Heroes Series. This new feature on her blog spotlights yoga instructors, scholars and therapists from Breathe Yoga Studio as well as the wider yoga community of Toronto. 

When she asked me if I would consider answering a few questions, I was honoured. Here is a small taste of the interview I did with her. 

How has yoga changed your life, outlook, relationships?  The short answer is that I am more aware and awake then I was before. The less abbreviated answer is that it has changed a lot … I’ve created space for the people and things that inspire me, I’ve learned the importance of creating rituals, I met the person I love the most in the world, and I feel more connected to my life’s purpose; all because of Yoga. I sleep better, I feel more grateful, ask more questions, and have more confidence. I make more informed choices, I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and information, and every time I learn something new I eagerly dissect it. Life is exciting, busy and beauty-full. ...

For the rest of the interview and other great entries, check out her blog here: