Moonlight Bliss Balls

This weekend's Moonlight Yoga was a success on so many levels. I'll save you the details (for now) and get right down to what so many of you requested from me on Saturday night: the recipe for those delicious Bliss Balls!

To recreate Saturday night's Moonlight Bliss Balls, you will need:

Whole large flake oats

Dried cranberries

Raw pumpkin seeds

Ground flax seeds

Unsweetened shaved coconut + more of the fine stuff for dusting


Dark chocolate chips

Golden raisins

Chopped ginger

Pineapple (or mango, or papaya!)


Sultana raisins

Note: No measuring required! Just guesstimate the proportions, taste, and adjust as need be.

Peel and chop roughly 2 inches of fresh ginger into small pieces.

Mix everything except the pineapple, banana and sultana raisins in a large bowl. (Use mostly oats, then toss in whatever nuts, seeds, dried fruit, ginger or chocolate you have on hand.)

In a blender, combine 1 or 2 ripe bananas with approximately half a pineapple and roughly a cup of raisins. If it's too thick to blend, add a tiny bit of water. You want to create a thick and sticky mixture, and it doesn't matter if the raisins aren't completely blended.

Pour the sticky mixture over the dry mixture and stir to coat.

Use your hands to shape the bliss balls, then roll them in fine coconut for an extra sweet touch.

Store in the fridge to help them set. They'll be less crumbly after an hour or so.




To Retreat or not to Retreat - That is the question.

On retreat, we have the opportunity to connect. We create new friendships and bond with the ones we love, whether it be on a hike, while sharing a meal, or in our morning yoga practice. Then we memorialize our experience on social media, by sharing the bliss we felt through mindful movement, wholesome eating and new friendships.

But somewhere beneath all the social gathering and sharing, are the sacred moments of solitude. That sweet silence where there is just you, your heart and the earth beneath your feet. There is space where you are no ones’ parent, partner or sibling, and you are not defined by your professional goals. You are just you. The same you you have always been. The you that has arrived at this very moment.

We need to retreat sometimes. We are crying out for it! Although we can thrive on the unity of action at a bootcamp, or the wholesome community we experience at a studio, we need to reconnect with our sense of Self in order to stay healthy and whole.

With hectic commutes, busy children and demanding work weeks, connecting with your authentic Self can get lost in the mix. It is however there for us at the head of the trail or in our final Savasana, if we can remember how important it is to be connected to You.

Invest in your wellness. Join me on retreat August 8th - 10th at Harmony Dawn. More information is available here: