A Reflection on My Teaching Journey…

Teaching in a big city is challenging. There is a (unfortunate) need to prove yourself to so many who believe their training surpasses your own experience.

And then comes the challenge of staying true to what you believe, honing your practice, your creativity, and teaching from the heart; while feeling the pressure to cater to the demand of the venue within which you (are privileged to) teach. Finding a sense of peace within you that grounds you and facilitates your ability to trust that the students who identify with what you have to offer will find their way to your classes, when lack of attendance threatens your position at a studio. Perhaps this is a symptom felt only in the city of Toronto, but somehow I feel that unlikely. More and more I realize how fortunate we were/are to experience the unconditional love and support that is extended towards the students, graduates and teachers at NYI.

Now for the good stuff, because I’d like to leave this on a positive note ...

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had as many opportunities as I have this past year. I’ve worked hard to generate them, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and I am SO grateful! I really, REALLY am. To share yoga is a privilege and to be appreciated for doing so is a blessing. The students I’ve met thus far and the friendships I’ve cultivated as a result of this adventure, continue to fill my life with so much joy. They are the fire that keep the flame inside me burning when I am feeling vulnerable.

Last November when I articulated what my intention would be throughout our 200hr training, I had NO idea how closely it would follow me when I began my teaching journey back home. I look forward to seeing what this next year has to offer. What will my Ah Ha moments be? What challenges will I face? And which practices will cultivate balance for me while I act as a guide for others? For now, I continue to practice surrendering to the beauty of chaos; and I will for a way to return home to NYI.

Love, love, love.